Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28,2009

I must be felling better. This came up the first time I tried it. Getting ready for the county fair July 5 thru 11 . Already have some things made. Working on a comforter. Hope it turns out like I want it to, I think it will!. Coop has been out, eaten and is back in her hideout.Only 4 more pills left for her to take. She seams a little more active. Maybe tomorrow I can learn how to put a picture with this, if for no ones information but mine.


  1. Do you have to pay for a booth at the county fair?? I want to set up my soaps to sell.
    Norm said that the vet said if she needs more pills to let him know...she may have to stay on them her whole life...better than being in pain..see how she does the next few days after the pills!

  2. I'll try again. Cooper is doing ok today. Norm gave me her new pills yesterday. The county fair infor you will have to talk to someone at the extension office I think.