Friday, March 12, 2010

March12, 2010

Just read all of Rachals notes. Molly and Buck are back over here with me. Belive me it's like geting the kids back after a long time away. My Molly looks better now than she has in a long time. I've even watched her run, buck and play out here in the lot. Norm has told me about the plan for fixing a horse barn for all horses over here in the old tobacco barn. They will think they have been put in a palace. It will be a while before they are all over here. It will be nice to have some animal friends back close. Rachal's coments on Radish hit home. It seems like every time I get an animal friend it doesn't take long before they leave me. Sometimes it seams like everybody and everything I love crossover. ENough sadness. Boy is it cloudy---I cant see past the barn. Everyone have a good day.

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  1. Yeah loosing little Radish was so hard, and to think we only had him such a short time too and he made such an impact on me...King is going down and on borrowed time...its day by day and I'm afraid each day to walk out the door or look out the window. He has had a very good week....and has to be kept on soft ground from now on. I had to put him in the barn cause of those high winds last night and all that loose wood, so afraid it would scare or hit him, didnt want him hurt or running through a fence. He was luckily able to walk, last time I had him in he couldnt move and almost went down on me. He was SO happy to see Jack it was touching! So today i put him in the pasture with the other two. I know he will hurt so bad after playing, running and bucking with Jack and Gyspy but you know what it was well worth it, his spirit needed that boost and his days are numbered. It will kill me when he goes...he has my heart and I'm brought to tears when the thoughts enter my mind....I'm glad they will be close to you again, but I'm gonna miss my babys being close here soooooooo much too! So go see them A LOT you hear me!!!!!!